Yes I am, now kindly fuck off

Remember that time I came to your house for dinner, and when we were done, I stood up, put my toddler on my chair and whipped out my boob for his digestif?

No, me neither.

My further thoughts on the subject (by which I mean the cover image, not the obnoxious inference that extended breastfeeding is “extreme,” or that women who don’t/can’t breastfeed are somehow not “mom enough”) …

I don’t have a tremendous amount of respect for publications that are deliberately provocative (I know it sells, but c’mon …). Furthermore, I first heard about this piece when I saw that Time was trolling for interview subjects in an FB group (Peaceful Parenting), which makes me question the amount of rigour that went into researching this article (which I haven’t read).

But mostly, it’s like the before and after pics all over again. If I were to post a similar photo of me breastfeeding my very tall 2.5 year old — he weaned at 15 months, but let’s run with this — it would not be nearly as eye-catching, because I am tall, too. He doesn’t look like a baby anymore, but he’s nowhere near two-thirds my height, as this child is relative to his mother. And NO ONE nurses their kid like this. We sit down, they curl up on our laps. It’s an intimate act.

It’s not like I was a fan to start off with, but I’m disappointed that Time passed up on an opportunity to showcase that intimacy, because it’s actually a beautiful thing. It would have been lovely to see that kind of connection as counterpoint to the latest Kardashian who-gives-a-fuckery. But that doesn’t move magazines, alas.

UPDATE: You can view a second image of the same mama and child here, in a pose much more conducive to everyone’s comfort, if not rack sales. Pun intended. 

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