Dear Walter: You’ll be great

Yesterday, my son decided that he wanted to write a letter to his bear, Walter … so he did. As I described it on Facebook:

“The letter included Walter’s name, my kid’s name, a drawing of each, a drawing of a house and a drawing of a cave. Oh, and a drawing of some hydro wires. Then he made a bracelet for Walter, and included a set of keys (not ones we actually use). Then we weighed it (52 g), so we had to put five stamps (stickers) on it. Very productive afternoon.”

Inside the letter, he traced the letters I’d written. On the envelope, he printed them all by himself. I posted pictures of both, and his grandma (my mom) made a sweet and benign comment about how he is a “budding writer.”

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Ten seconds of silence

At least once a day I remember my husband. Always at one o’ clock.

For as long as we were together — which was a gobsmacking 47 years, I should add — he was in charge of the clocks.

He’d set them, check them, every couple of days. It never took long, because unless a battery died or an old wound one wound down, they were never wrong.

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