Introducing: The Kids Write

Been a little quiet here these last few weeks as our family (mal)adjusts to home learnin’.

Among other novel challenges (see also: physical distancing, social isolation, resurgent insomnia, and chronic jaw pain from having to smile on all those blasted video calls).

In and among that chaos, I got an idea, and unlike the thousand other ideas I get on any random day, something about it … stuck. I asked some friends what they thought about it.

Then I pulled an all-nighter, and built this: The Kids Write.

It’s is a place where kids call tell their stories about life under lockdown, and share them with the world. It’s a safe place to read other kids’ stories, too (you can read more about the process here, but the gist is that nothing goes on the site that I haven’t personally approved).

So that’s the latest. Helping kids write history in real time.

On Facebook and Twitter, too!

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