Five small things that are keeping me sane

Fifth wave, Omicron, home schooling, weather colder than a gynecologist’s hands. It all sucks.

Here are five small things that keep me carrying on, with varying degrees of calm.

Sunset Mountain!
  1. Wordle. It’s free, it’s mildly competitive, and I love word games. New dumb fun thing is to try to come up with silly names that describe the “picture” my guesses make.
  2. Knitting. An old, go-to mood hack of mine. I’m presently knitting a scarf that’s about three more days’ effort away from wrapping itself around the equator, if Lenny Kravitz doesn’t get to it first.
  3. Tea. I know. Combine this with #2 and I’m one good slip-n-fall away from the home. But the simple ritual of making a hot cup of tea after dinner is just doing it for me, you know? That the blend mirrors my current default state is a bonus. AND IT’S PINK.
  4. Terrible television. I love this even in The Happy Times. But right now I’m running on fumes that consist largely of Before The 90, Sister Wives, and the SATC reboot, supplemented by the loudest, gayest recap podcasts I can find.
  5. Jorts merch. By which of course I mean rescue cats, what log have you been living under. (ICYMI: the story of Jorts and Jean, and the amazing Jorts The Cat Twitter account, which loves workers’ rights and refuses to monetize itself).

BONUS COPING STRATEGY: At-home manicures. I’m not great at it, but with all the money I’m saving on not getting them done by a pro, I am can also not go to a coffee shop!

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