On letting go and holding on

Taking a break from Twitter for … reasons.

Turns out it’s a hard habit to break, though, as evidenced by the notes app on my phone, which is where I’m recording all the random blah blah blah I’d normally spew over there. A sampling:

Jan. 20, 8:18 PM
Officially allergic to this Miranda/Steve storyline.

Jan. 20, 10:59 PM
Having a pretty lousy day, thanks for asking. Surely spending an hour plus trying to figure out what shade of foundation to buy will help.

Jan. 21, 4:25 AM
I used to come up with cute descriptions of what the image look like but it’s four-in-the-goddamned-morning, so … no.

Wordle 216 4/6

Jan. 21, 10:21 AM
Just read a Bloomberg article that referred to “The Bank of Nova Scotia,” and I was like, “Who? What?”

Jan. 21, 10:22 AM
I think I miss QTing most of all, because that last one should have been a link to the story with a GIF of a confused child superimposed over top.

Google Sends Reporter a GIF Instead of a 'No Comment' | WIRED

Jan. 21, 11:04 AM
Meat Loaf! I grew up with his music. I remember loving the songs, not appreciating the lyrics (I was a kid! For real!) and being terrified by the album covers.

Bat Out Of Hell

Jan. 21, 12:01 PM
As a big fan of Omega-3 enriched Spanish dairy products, I call BULLSH*T on this one, NYT.

Jan. 21, 3:45 PM
Was supposed to do a bunch of fun stuff with the 10yo today, including tie-dyeing, but the materials we had weren’t suitable, and by the time we were able get our hands on the right supplies, it was time to go back to her dad’s place. 1/2

Jan. 21, 3:45 PM
In other news, it fell to me to break the unhappy news that she’s not going back to in-person school next week, so virtual high fives to all you other Most Hated Parents out there. 2/2

Jan. 21, 4:00 PM
I think this is what I miss about Twitter most today. The commiseration; the sense that I’m not always in it alone. The only thing harder than trying to teach in a pandemic is trying to parent in one, especially when there’s mounting evidence that I’m not great at either.

Jan. 21, 5:35 PM
Sigh, sign, everywhere a sign. I’ve been craving these; even looked for ’em at the grocery store the other day. Seeing an empty box in a snowbank outside my front door is further proof that the universe is a grade-A jerk.

Jan. 21, 6:00 PM
One bit of happy news! I started knitting a blanket, which I’m pretty sure will take me a few more pandemics to finish. But it’s cute. And cozy. It’s a thing I can hold in my hands that shows real, visible, measurable, progress.

I may never let it go.

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