With great size …

Lots of people who are smarter and better informed than me are commenting on the Convoy of Discontent that is hurtling its way toward Ottawa as I type.

I have no desire to elevate the misinformation (which includes, on the part of some political leaders, seemingly deliberate misrepresentation or misunderstanding of what this rolling protest is really all about) but I do want to hone in one thing that’s been part of most of my life as a big — originally just tall, but now also tall and fat — person, and all of my life as a parent, and it’s this: being big comes with big responsibilities.

When you are big, you take up more space. People pay attention to you. Even if they’d rather not.
When you are big, others work around you. Sometimes out of fear, or a need for protection. This is instinct, not choice.
When you are big, you exert more influence. Gravity works on more than just planets and stars.
When you are big, what you say matters. What everyone says should matter, but we’re not there yet.
When you are big, people will take their cues from you. Is this safe? What can you see that I can’t? Should I move?
When you are big, you might not realize your bigness. The world expands to fit your needs. One size fits you.
When you are big, you might seem scary to others. You know this. You revel in this. You carry the shame of this.

I don’t know how tomorrow is going to shake down, but the experts warn it could get ugly. It’s already gotten political (and gone international) in ways that leave me — truly — wondering who is giving advice and why it’s being taken. I don’t understand why so many are so quick to seek association with (and give gobs of money to) this group.

I do know this, though: trucks are big. I hope they remember that with great size comes great responsibility, and that where they go one … well, you know the rest.

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