No, shut up, ya bastard

Two neat things I’ve heard in the last few days:

1. NO, THANK YOUno thanks

If you find that you’re inundated with a lot of negative self-talk — “Who am I to do this thing …” and “I don’t deserve this opportunity …” and so on — remember that our brains aren’t capable of holding two opposing thoughts at the same time. When that negative thought shows up, say, “NO, THANK YOU” and immediately overwrite with a positive one: “I have some cool ideas …” or “I am totally qualified to do this” (or whatever fits for you).

This will feel weird, especially if you do it out loud (which I do). But it will also clue you in — very quickly — to how often you need to correct and redirect your inner monologue. You’ll forget to do it, or you’ll screw it up, and that’s fine. But after a couple of days, you’ll notice that you don’t have to do it as often anymore. And that, I’m pretty sure, is where life gets fun.


A variation on the above, my friend Kelly shared a great piece of advice for shutting up one’s Inner Mean Girl (she calls hers “Staci, with an ‘i'”).

Staci … is not your friend. Staci doesn’t think you’ve got what it takes to do, well, anything. And she tells you that, ALL DAY LONG.

But here’s the cool thing. You want to know how to get Staci to shut up? Go do the thing she says you can’t do. 

Because then you’ve got Staci and her obviously false ranting … and you’ve got the thing you just did that proved her wrong.


These two things together reminded me of a song I really like. If any of stuff above resonated for you, give it a listen.

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