No such thing as bad weather …

For the last month or so, I’ve been going for a walk every morning. At least 30 minutes, but closer to an hour, if I can make it work schedule-wise. On a few occasions, I’ve been caught in sudden but slightly anticipated downpours. But more often than not, I’ve actually decided to walk in the rain. It’s June, it’s warm enough, and I’m not made of sugar (obviously would have eaten myself by now if that were the case).

Walking in the rain means your shoes are probably out of commish for the next 24 hours … and you’ll want to immediately change into dry clothes as soon as you get home. But that’s the sum total of the discomfort, provided you heed the headline advice: There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes.

I don’t mean the sloppy sportswear or the drippy socks. You already signed up for those to get wet, so who cares. The “bad clothes” in this scenario? No hat. Dude, you gotta wear a hat. Ideally a not-too-floppy wide-brimmed one that can keep most of the raindrops off your face, and prevent sneaky little rivers of cloud pee from going down the back of your shirt. I’d show you a photo of mine, but turns out I don’t have any, because, well, it’s not the most sartorially splendid item in my closet (translation: it’s BIG and YELLOW and UGLY).

It’s big and yellow and ugly, but it gets the job done. It means I have no excuse to get out and walk tomorrow morning, and the day after that, and the day af … WHAT THE HELL, NOAH.

Anyway. You should go for a walk. It’s probably gonna rain. So you should definitely have a hat, like, say, this one. It’s not my every day sun hat (just switched to this one), but it’s gonna be my every day rain hat, and OH HEY GUESS WHAT: the colour I have? SUNSHINE.

Of course.

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